Quality in the mental health & addictions system

‘A change is needed so that the people who both deliver and receive services are all involved in focussed discussions about the notion of ‘quality’ - what is it and how do we all know when we have achieved it?’ Phillipa Gaines


The Lattice approach

Achieving optimal outcomes for people...


How we work

The power of people networks..


Services we provide

Facilitation, project management...

The democratic approach to quality is emerging from the more traditional approaches as a distinctive attitude that is better suited to the modern health and welfare system. Our vision of achieving optimal outcomes for people who come in contact with mental health and addictions services is focussed on three key areas -
quality improvement, service improvement toolkit and sector transformation. For us, these key areas link to focus on a core process - the conversation.

Service Improvement Toolkit

New ways to work...

Supporting the approaches being adopted by providers who are looking for new ways to help structure their service improvement activities.

Sector Transformation

The relationships...

Developing a new way of thinking about the sector and its relationship to the communities of people that we serve.

Examples of our work

On Track publication

On Track - a Roadmap

On Track is the development of a Roadmap that aims to inform, shape and influence the future direction of the mental health and addiction sector. Working for Te Pou and Platform Trust, Phillipa coordinated this exciting initiative involving people from across the mental health and addiction sector and the wider health and social sectors.



Lattice Consulting was contracted by Platform Trust to update the NGO Guide to PRIMHD, an introductory step-by-step guide to the Programme for Integration of Mental Health Data (PRIMHD). We managed the project, engaged with contributers and completely refreshed the document with up-to-date information - PDF (1.7MB).

Online Tool

NZ Navigator

Organisational self-assessment

A free tool that is available to all community groups in New Zealand.

NZ Navigator is governed by a community partnership and Phillipa project managed the tool development. Barbara was a project team member, wrote the user guides and other content, and continues her involvement with NZ Navigator as the tool's technical administrator.