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SDHB update

The journey so far - Te Hurihanga

Take a look at the progress that has been made by the many people in Southern who are working together to make positive changes for tangata whaiora and whānau who are experiencing MH&A challenges. This report goes to show what is possible with the right combination of people, resources and intent.   Download... PDF (3.9MB)

Examples of our work

Under one umbrella

Under One Umbrella

This report - written by Phillipa, commissioned by Platform Trust, and funded by Southern Cross - for the parliamentary Mental Health and Addictions Wellbeing cross-party working group, was published in September 2023. The report calls for more integrated youth services to tackle growing mental distress amongst young people.
  Download... PDF (1.5MB)

SDHB review

Time For Change - Te Hurihanga

Phillipa was part of the Synergia team that produced "Time for Change - Te Hurihanga", a review of the MH&A system across the Southern District, commissioned by the Southern District Health Board. Foundational to the review were the strong partnerships formed with Māori and those with lived experience.
  Download... PDF (2.7MB)

Joining the dots - a framework for change

Joining the dots - a framework for change

This paper describes a framework and a methodology to inform system-level change in the mental health and addiction sector in New Zealand. Phillipa wrote it for her presentation at the 7th Australasian Mental Health Outcomes and Information Conference (AMHOIC) in Auckland, New Zealand in October 2019.      Download... PDF (2MB)


On Track - a Roadmap

‘On Track’ is the development of a Roadmap that aims to inform, shape and influence the future direction of the mental health and addiction sector.

On Track publication

Working for Te Pou and Platform Trust, Phillipa coordinated this exciting initiative involving people from across the mental health and addiction sector and the wider health and social sectors.     Download... PDF (2MB)

NZ Navigator

Organisational self-assessment

A free tool that is available to all community groups in New Zealand.

The NZ Navigator tool helps to build strong and effective organisations and communities, enabling users to assess the performance of their organisation by rating all the important areas of the organisation’s operation.

NZ Navigator is owned by the NZ Navigator Trust. Phillipa project-managed the original development project and is now a Trustee. Barbara was an establishment project team member and is a foundation Trustee. Barbara, as Hub Coordinator until recently, looked after maintenance and technical development, including a significant refresh and rebuild of the tool in 2022/23.