Conversation as a core process

The role of conversation

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the performance models that work so well in a manufacturing environment do not work as well in a health environment. The language may be the same (performance measurement, value creation and results) but the means by which the ends are achieved are radically different.

Brown & Issacs (1994, p35) argue ‘that the role of conversation is the essential, fundamental and indispensible means by which relationships are built, knowledge is shared and value is created’.

f we choose to actively engage in deep conversation with one another about those things that are really important for service users and their whānau/families, we may contribute towards some better outcomes for people and ultimately help shape a very different looking mental health and addiction sector in the future.

"Conversational leadership takes root when leaders see their organisations as dynamic webs of conversation and consider conversation as a core process for effecting positive systemic change. Taking a strategic approach to this core process can not only grow intellectual and social capital, but also provide a collaborative advantage in our increasingly networked world." (refer to The World Café.)