Working with groups

Our experienced facilitator works with groups who are meeting with a common purpose, maximising participation, encouraging creative problem solving and guiding the process to achieve desired outcomes.

Phillipa Gaines - Facilitator

Phillipa Gaines - Facilitator

Organisations often seek a facilitator to help them work through a particular issue, explore new opportunities or simply act as the MC for the day.

Phillipa will work with you to help design and facilitate workshops that meet the needs of both small and large groups.

Contact us to discuss your facilitation requirements.

What workshop participants say:

  • "The workshop agenda and background information you provided were excellent tools for leading the process/discussions."
  • "Good facilitation, helped a robust forum full of good ideas."
  • "Great skills in keeping programme to time and agenda."
  • "Kept on time but flexible enough to allow important discussion to continue."