Our people - directors

Phillipa Gaines

Phillipa has over 40 years' experience in the mental health and addiction sector. She worked for a variety of agencies (including non-governmental organisations, district health boards, funding and planning agencies and the Ministry of Health) before the establishment of Lattice Consulting in 2004.


Her passion is the development of the necessary infrastructure to support the on-going transformation of the mental health sector. The establishment of Lattice provided her with the opportunity to apply her knowledge and experience more widely within the sector to work towards this transformation.


A strong advocate of the learning organisation, Phillipa prefers to use a range of approaches that leverage people's combined intelligence and experience. She has provided services to a number of different agencies with an interest in the evolution of the mental health and addiction sector.


Phillipa is widely respected in the mental health community for her track record as a funder/planner, her long-standing involvement in outcome management initiatives, her input to the development and implementation of national policy initiatives, and her proven project management expertise. She has a reputation for always delivering on her promises!

Barbara Wallace

Barbara's career path has been wide-ranging - teacher, market research operations manager, data analyst, database administrator, membership administration manager, I.T. manager, primary healthcare operations manager and now an independent contractor since 2004. Her commitment to social justice is a constant and this is reflected by the organisations she has worked with, in particular community organisations, health, and trade unions.


Barbara is a foundation Trustee of the NZ Navigator Trust. Until recently she was also the Hub Coordinator, looking after the Trust's operation and managing the websites that provide resources for New Zealand community organisations - the NZ Navigator tool, CommunityNet Aotearoa, and Digital Stuff We Love.


Bringing a strong operational focus to Lattice Consulting, Barbara contributes analysis, research and data management expertise; training and development of documentation and supporting materials; business administration and operational development; project management experience; and an extensive array of information technology skills.

Our mission is to become entrepreneurs for social change by contributing to the transformation of organisations that we work with; a contribution resulting in better outcomes for users of these services.