Our work - projects, publications and presentations...

These profiles briefly describe some of our projects. In addition, Phillipa Gaines has written or contributed to a number of influential reports on various aspects of the New Zealand mental health and addictions sector, many of which are not publicly available.

Projects and Publications

Under one umbrella

Under One Umbrella

This report - written by Phillipa, commissioned by Platform Trust, and funded by Southern Cross - for the parliamentary Mental Health and Addictions Wellbeing cross-party working group, was published in September 2023. The report calls for more integrated youth services to tackle growing mental distress amongst young people.
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SDHB review

Time For Change - Te Hurihanga

Phillipa was part of the Synergia team that produced "Time for Change - Te Hurihanga", a review of the MH&A system across the Southern District, commissioned by the Southern District Health Board. Foundational to the review were the strong partnerships formed with Māori and those with lived experience.
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Digital Stuff We Love

Digital Stuff We Love

Barbara worked with the team at Springtimesoft to build the NZ Navigator Trust's latest digital offering - Digital Stuff We Love - another website to help support a thriving charitable and community sector in Aotearoa New Zealand. Barbara managed the project for the Trust, researched digital tools, and wrote the content for the website.      Read more...

Joining the dots - a framework for change

Joining the dots - a framework for change

This paper describes a framework and a methodology to inform system-level change in the mental health and addiction sector in New Zealand. Phillipa wrote it for her presentation at the 7th Australasian Mental Health Outcomes and Information Conference (AMHOIC) in Auckland, New Zealand in October 2019.      Download... PDF (2MB)

Fast Track discussion paper

Fast Track - a discussion paper

This discussion paper highlights the key issues for the further development of the community support workforce in the mental health and addictions sector and was written by Lattice director Phillipa Gaines on behalf of Te Pou and Platform Trust. Discussions are underway on how to make progress on the issues (and actions) that have been identified in Fast Track    Download... PDF (1MB)

peer support image

Peer Support brochure

Phillipa worked with the Matua Raki Consumer Leadership Group to produce Growing dedicated peer and consumer roles in addiction services, a resource for promoting discussion about growing peer support roles within the treatment sector.
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SOI review report

SOI Review

Phillipa was commissioned by Platform Trust to write a report for the KPI programme sponsors in response to the sector's desire to better understand the use of social outcome indicators in benchmarking.     Download... PDF (1.3MB)

On Track publication

On Track - a Roadmap

On Track is the development of a Roadmap that aims to inform, shape and influence the future direction of the mental health and addiction sector. Working for Te Pou and Platform Trust, Phillipa coordinated this exciting initiative involving people from across the mental health and addiction sector and the wider health and social sectors.      Read more...

NZ Navigator

NZ Navigator

A free on-line organisational self-assessment tool that is available to all community groups in New Zealand. Phillipa project-managed the original development, and Barbara has been involved in the design and administration of the tool since 2012. She has recently managed a significant refresh and rebuild of NZ Navigator.      Read more...



Lattice Consulting was contracted by Platform Trust to update the NGO Guide to PRIMHD, an introductory step-by-step guide to the Programme for Integration of Mental Health Data (PRIMHD). With the latest of three major revisions completed in December 2019, we manage the project for Platform Trust and engage with contributors to ensure the document information is up-to-date.
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NGO Stories and Statistics

NGO Stories & Statistics

Lattice Consulting was engaged by Platform Trust to develop a publication that described the part that community non-government organisations (NGOs) take in New Zealand's Mental Health and Addictions (MH&A) service system. The activities of these essential services are explored and key facts presented.
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Primary mental health & addiction indicators

The Ministry of Health contracted Phillipa to recommend a primary care information collection work plan. She produced a final report that included an overview of the evolution of the national MH&A information collection (primary and secondary care) and proposed a draft set of key performance indicators that were aligned with the Integrated Performance & Incentive Framework for primary care.


Nga Tangata Oho Mairangi national research project

NTOM is a research project led by teams from Massey University and the University of Waikato, and funded by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. Phillipa was responsible for recruiting and then interviewing participants for the study from the wider Wellington region. The interviews used Q-methodology.


Programme for the Integration of MH Data

Phillipa was the original business owner for the national collection when she worked for the Ministry of Health and has held a variety of PRIMHD related roles since 2007, including interim national PRIMHD programme manager, independent sector representative on the PRIMHD Governance Group and national coordinator of the NGO implementation project (under Platform Trust).      Read more...


National Mental Health KPI Project

Phillipa facilitated all of the national mental health benchmarking forums held in New Zealand between 2009 and 2013. She developed a number of discussion documents for the National KPI project, provided expert advice and contributed to a number of project outputs.      Read more...


Evaluation of a benchmarking initiative

As part of the requirements for her Post Graduate Diploma in Social Sector Evaluation and Research, Phillipa undertook an evaluation of a local DHB mental health benchmarking initiative. The study explored the use of benchmarking as a service improvement tool. The study was presented at the Australasian Evaluation Society Conference in Brisbane in 2013.      Download PDF (151 KB)

Director MH publication

Review of analysis

The Lattice team provided an independent review of a comprehensive report that offered a comparative analysis and associated commentary of the data in six of the Director of Mental Health's Annual reports covering the period 2005 to 2011.

Best Practice

Benchmarking of seclusion project

Te Pou was contracted to assess the effectiveness of seclusion and restraint reduction interventions and asked Phillipa to work with them to develop a programme theory to evaluate the success of the benchmarking process as a vehicle to help facilitate a reduction in the rates of seclusion and restraint.

SDHB plan

Review of SDHB Draft MH&A Service Development Plan

Phillipa Gaines & Rick Williment combined forces to complete a peer review of the Draft Southern DHB Mental Health and Addiction Five Year Plan (Raising Hope) to help determine that it was ‘fit-for-purpose’ before commencing a public consultation process.

review image

Review of model of organisational service delivery

A major organisational infrastructure provider in the MH&A sector asked Phillipa to help them redesign the way in which they engaged with and supported MH&A service providers to review their local practice and to implement change. The objective was to develop a more customer-focused approach to address the gap between what is known about what works best for service users and what staff actually do in practice.


Waitemata DHB local benchmarking initiative

Phillipa facilitated four local benchmarking forums for Waitemata DHB adult mental health services. These sessions involved senior managers, key staff from nine teams (inpatient and community) and representatives from a number of local NGO service providers.


CMDHB - Mental health information programme

Phillipa worked for the Director, MH & Addiction Service Development on a programme of work focussed on the development and use of information for quality improvement and accountability purposes. The projects included input into the development of benchmarked reports for specific parts of the MH & A system, establishment and maintenance of the benchmarking forums for NGO providers providing Community Living Services, and the drafting of the evaluation framework to support the evaluation of acute mental health services funded by CMDHB.


C&CDHB Te Kokiri mapping project

This project aimed to determine the extent to which the mental health and addiction initiatives that were being progressed under the auspices of “The Journey Forward: C&CDHB MH&A Service Development Plan 2005-2010” were mapped to the actions outlined in Te Kokiri (2006). Phillipa wrote the report.


Investigation into a national data collection for the health of the older person

The Ministry of Health contracted Phillipa to investigate the proposed establishment of a Health of Older People National Data Collection. The findings from this review provided the Health of the Older Person Policy Team with some options for data collection in the future.


C&CDHB NGO information stocktake

Phillipa produced a stocktake report of the current information capability of a selection of the MH & Addiction NGO providers funded by C&CDHB. The findings from this initiative under ‘The Journey Forward’ supported further discussion amongst key stakeholders about the current issues regarding the production and use of information relating to mental health service delivery, specifically in NGOs.


National Mental Health Information Strategy

While working for the Ministry of Health in 2006, Phillipa Gaines developed a five year strategic framework for mental health information that outlined priority areas to support current and future requirements for mental health information in NZ. Additional information is available on the MOH website.    Download PDF (364 KB).

WPA article

CAOS project - WPA journal article

The CAOS project was the subject of a journal article: “World Psychiatry - Official Journal of the World Psychiatric Association (WPA) Volume 3, Number 3, October 2004. Developing a New Zealand Casemix classification for mental health services”. Gaines P, Bower A, Buckingham W, Eagar K, Burgess P, and Green J.      Download PDF (831 KB)

CAOS outcomes

CAOS project - Outcomes Data Analysis

A compendium to the final CAOS report was produced that presented the analysis of the outcomes data that was collated as part of CAOS. “NZ Mental Health Consumers and their Outcomes, Mental Health Research and Development Strategy, Health Research Council, New Zealand”.    Download PDF (1,644 KB)



Phillipa presented “Surfing the fourth wave: A conceptual framework for describing and measuring system change” at the 7th Australasian Mental Health Outcomes and Information Conference held in Auckland, 30 October to 1 November 2019.
    Download the report it was based on...


The 6th Australasian Mental Health Outcomes and Information Conference was held in Brisbane, 28-30 June 2017. Phillipa presented “Evidence from practice: challenging assumptions. On track - the evaluation of influence in system-wide change” at the conference.
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Phillipa was also one of the authors of a related case study that was published in 2018 - Using On Track to achieve system change: A case study of Whanganui DHB Mental health and addiction services.
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Mental Health and Addictions Leadership Day - 2017

Phillipa and Ross Phillips presented a “Review of social outcome indicators” at the 2017 Platform Trust Mental Health and Addictions Leadership Day. The day aimed to provide sector leaders with an opportunity to meet together to discuss the way that the landscape is changing and to consider what lies ahead.
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National Outcomes Forum Presentation

Phillipa was a presenter at the 2014 National Outcomes & Information Forum. Her session was “Social Outcome Indicators: Telling a story with numbers - what is the story that we want to tell at a population level about the contribution of primary and secondary mental health and addiction services towards the health and wellbeing of local communities, and how best do we tell this story?”
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AES Seminar Presentation

In 2014, Lattice Director Phillipa Gaines presented at an Australasian Evaluation Society (AES) seminar in Wellington. This presentation emphasised the use of Q-methodology and built on her 2013 paper on the same topic - “Using Q Methodology in a benchmarking evaluation.”
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AES 2013 International Conference Presentation

Lattice Director Phillipa Gaines presented a paper - “The role and value of benchmarking in organisational change within a New Zealand district health board” - at the Australasian Evaluation Society 2013 conference in Brisbane.

“Benchmarking has assumed an important role in the performance management toolkit. However, the evidence for its effectiveness, particularly in healthcare settings, remains inconclusive. This presentation outlines the findings of an evaluation project that employed a three-stage process to explore the conditions that helped and hindered the use of benchmarking as a service improvement tool in a New Zealand District Health Board adult mental health service.”
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